Since so many of you are interested in technology and it’s impact on our social interactions, you may be interested in this post…

We are Wired to Share | Digitizd.

An absolutely fascinating video, which hits on something I’ve been thinking a lot about. The Internet is fostering communication and working together in a way that’s totally unprecedented; I’d give examples, but Rachel Botsman does a wonderful job of it in the video. Is this a human need and desire that has always existed, and just needed the outlet and portal that the Internet provided, or has the technology we use somehow changed our thinking about ourselves, our things and other people?

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  1. Maximilian says:

    Great post!

  2. jamie mandel says:

    Thanks for the post! It’s refreshing to hear someone making light of technology. I find it great that Rachel Botsman has truly taken “sharing is caring” to heart. The interwebs contribution to globalization is unprecedented. It’s great how she points out our ability to share through the internet actually creates a bond between people unbeknownst to each other.

    Does it make sense to say that that society is trending toward a more qualitative era? Or is qualitative the wrong word?

  3. cecegotsfunk says:

    I just bought a new phone from ebay, from a stranger I know nothing about. Then I watched this video and now I’m thinking, wow.. I just trusted this random ebay seller into selling me the product I want and s/he doesn’t need anymore. I also trust that it’s in perfectly good condition, just as it show in the pictures. Who am i to say if the photos are of the exact phone or not? It’s true that most of us take advantage of technology but don’t necessarily think about what it is that we gain from it or lose from it. Kind of scary if you ask me.