Below is a picture of the population of New York City Divided by Race. Click HERE to see block by block breakdown of the whole country. You can select any block you want and get the details.

Some people think this information is useful and interesting. Others think it’s divisive and contributes to racism.                     What do you think?

Mapping America: Every City, Every Block

Mapping America: Every City, Every Block


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  1. Professor Pok says:

    Great post and thanks for posting it! I would love to hear what others think.

  2. sanam804 says:

    This type of research is pretty valuable because it literally paints a good picture of the racial make up of NYC, regardless if people think it contributes to racism or not. There might already be something out there like this but I think it would be interesting to see a comparison of the distribution of racial and ethnic groups today with maybe Robert Moses’ time since he had power over public housing projects and so much building in NYC.

    The other maps from this project are also great. Especially the foreign born population map. My statistics professor was telling us about how over 50% of NYC’s population was foreign born. Not that surprising but a cool fact.

    Great post and really good resource !

  3. theprodotcom says:

    Looking at this map of America, specifically New York City, I find it fascinating that although N.Y.C. is considered the most diverse city in the world, looking a bit closer you realize that how ethnically segregated each neighborhood is. It is also interesting to compare the map of household income distribution to the different ethnic neighborhoods. It looks like where there is a higher white population there is higher household income whereas in more diverse neighborhoods the incomes are drastically lower.

  4. traeford says:

    Wow, my urban sociology professor would love this post.

    I think I’ll show him.


    I really don’t have any issues with this map giving a block by block breakdown by race.
    Nothing I saw, especially in my local area isn’t surprising.

    To be blunt….the white population are exactly where I thought they would be in New Jersey along the water in Hoboken and Downtown Jersey City living in the new condos and loft spaces. The majority of the blacks, asians and hispanics are in the heart of the cities urban areas. I’m not shocked at all. Union City, West New York and North Bergen are heavily populated with Hispanic people as well. This map is pretty accurate.

    I’m a little surprised about my area though. There are a lot of asian people in my area and the map doesn’t really show that. I see a higher population of blacks. Hmm… wow.


    Great Post 🙂

    • Tjharris says:

      I dont have problem its interesting the map shows part of the U.S. that are very diverse. Its also makes it easier for people who does research for the government and others istitutions to see the different types of people that reside in those cities.

  5. Matty says:

    I personally find it both; useful but racist. By having information like a map that informs the public of the ruling ethnicity of a region is useful if you don’t know what to expect of an area. This could range from food options to quality of education. Unfortunately there is racism in today society and information like this only supports the structure.