I found some entertaining videos on youtube that showed some ways in which technology makes us lose a part of our past that most of us considers a great deal concerning our love lives. These were produced by a group called WongFu, and they are especially popular with Asian Americans. They’re pretty funny, check them out!



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  1. unianiensis says:

    ha ha they are really funny but at the same time its really true. in the past people used to do all those stuffs like say “bringing stars on the earth” for their lovers. How romantic, right? but nowadays they just do it almost without any effort…just pick up the phone and place an order for gifts or order online, video chat almost everyday that there is no question of missing at all. before they used to wait for several days to see each other…How romantic would be the moment that you are seeing each other after days! not online everyday…

    • Yani says:

      hahaha…they are hilarious….love them that is so true….It’s amazing how technology changes things though. Now a days u text for everything even to tell someone you love them, because they don’t dare to tell you in your face? Ha???? Romanticism is a word you hardly hear of now…everything seems to be so cold and calculated, they don’t go to the flower shop and buy you flowers, they mail them to you, no more love letters, everything is text messages and emails or facebook where hundreds of people have to know your business. In certain ways I miss what they call the “old fashion way”. =(

  2. This is so funny!! I agree with you guys, romance isn’t what it use to be. Everything is being replace with technology. The simplest thing from saying ‘I love you’ or ‘I missed you’ in person, now are through text messages. Is funny how back in elementary school, notes where being passed around with check the box (yes or no) if you like me and now is text, emails and social networks. I guess the creativity is no longer there or just fading away and thats why technology is replacing it so easy.

  3. Janhvi Kukade says:

    Wow. That is incredibly hilarious and SO TRUE! Technology does ruin romance. However, decades before technology became a great thing there were many romances left unrequited and many romances forced to stay separated. For example, Romeo and Juliet, imagine if there was technology parallel to todays various forms of technology, e-mail, texts and cell phones, Romeo and Juliet would have probably schemed an elopement and would have ran away before both families came to knew about their love. Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t have died and suffered the way they had, if they would’ve just texted each other and confessed their love for each other rather than be played and used by their families. We can also assume that sending text messages today is a form of telling the truth and being honest. The idea of being a traitor or a gossiper has declined because people simply send a text message asking for the truth and the truth is what goes around most of the time. In other words, it’s easier to find the truth through technology nowadays rather than in the past. Romeo and Juliet’s love story wouldn’t have ended as immediately as it did if they had a better form of technology.