It Ended In a Suitcase” The news headline appears in todays The New York Times. According to it, Betty Williams, 28, was killed and her body packed in a suitcase was rolled down on the street and left along the garbage pile by a man named Hassan Malik, 55, who was a Navy Veteran with a long criminal history. This kind of criminal incident is a serious social problem. However, my real concern here is the reason behind it. That how parental influence affects children’s life.

Betty was born in a troubled household of a drug addicted parents. Though she was raised by her aunt Ms. Carmen Perez since she was 18 months old, it did not save her from her parents’ bad influences. As a teenager she moved back to New York close to her parents, where she participated in crimes (robberies) with them. She fell more and more deep into the world of drugs and prostitution. And, as a result, she ended her life in a suitcase after a violent struggle.


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  1. Wow, What a depressing story!! I remember watching the news and listening to this story. It is true that parents influence children’s future. I was hear it in class and in other places that the life you live with have a major impact in your child’s life. It sad to see the life Ms. William had and how it ended. But I don’t completely agree that if the parents are drug addicts, the child will be one. It also depends on how the individual wants to live their life, either following that path and breaking out. Of course having the right support system does help to break out.

    • sgenao1 says:

      I completely agree with you but I also feel taht sometimes children do not know anything else so therefore what they see and grow up with is only the knowledge and the life that their parents give them, which sometimes mean following in the parents foot steps weather it is good or bad.