Texas Angel, who works at the Bunny Ranch as a prostitute

With the country having so many economic issues, this is what our politians worry about? 

     There is so much backlash toward sex workers.  For me, it’s a double edge sword…  I do believe that individuals should decide if they want to engage in this kind of work.  Women in particularly should have the right to decide whatever they want to do with their bodies.  Those that do not agree should just not engage in their services.  As the artitcle pointed out, prostitution in Nevada is available in places with a low population and I wouldn’t be surprised if it also involved certain restrictions about the distance between school and their business.    These, I think, does make sense as I also wouldn’t want it in my neighborhood, although, who am I kidding… it’s everywhere! 
     I have read counless books on the sex work in other places like Amsterdam, where this women have rights and also protection.  They do pay taxes too!  And they get health insurance. These women are less likely to be abused, beaten, raped by their own customers.
     However, I do take an issue with women who engage in sex work because of the lack of opportunities.   If you walk aroun 6:30am in Jackson Heights you will find transgender sex workers coming home…  and yes, while maybe they might have been partying all night, research does show that a large trans community engage in this kind of work because of the lack of work opportunities.  In addition, friends from the area who work in nonprofits with sexually exploited women say that there is a large population of undocumented women who are working the streets not because they want to, but because of the sex trafficting problems. 

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