Yet another post about how technology is impacting aspects of our lives in unforeseen ways…ahhh, unintended consequences…

via The Society Pages hosted Cyborglogy blog

FlowingData posted this great infographic that shows how prostituion in Manhattan is increasingly dispersed. The Internet allows sex work to be less anchored by physicality when much of the process happens online. More analysis here.


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  1. janhvikukade says:

    So, prostitution has increased because of technology? WOW! …and apparently middle-class women are thinking this as a way of making extra money??! So,the recession has infiltrated more sex workers?? I understand that the middle-class is a broad spectrum of scattered incomes, but has this really made women become sex workers? According to the map, prostitution hasn’t decreased over the last 9 years, but has sporadically shifted throughout Manhattan. I guess I have more questions than comments about this article. None the less, very interesting!

    • Wow! that’s really cool- I like the chart. Sex work doesn’t always equal prostitution. i do think it’s very interesting the location of the high active areas. And I did not know it was that affordable- $75 per typical transaction… well maybe it’s for short time periods- how long is the transaction? anyway. I never counted escorts as sex workers… I mean, they are not suppose to do anything sexual i thought. I guess the implicit idea is that they are getting sexually involved then… so either the government should come down on investigating them for prostitution that’s illegal, or they should just legalize it. It’s so mess up how it continues to protect certain clients and those providing services while criminalizing the same actions for others.