Here is a wonderfully informative article from The Lookout, with five graphs on the state of American Women.   As the article begins… “The White House dropped a statistics-stuffed report compiling reams of federal data about the state of American women today.  None of the information is exactly new, but a number of the graphs featured in the report caught The Lookout’s eye–they offer a compelling illustration of the status of women today.”

Since the report and its’ graphs – discussed in the article – were a result of multiple research methods, I thought it would be an appropriate read for our class.  Hope you find it as interesting as I did.

– Brielle


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  1. janhvikukade says:

    Wow. Women are still racing for equality. Even though their number of jobs, money and leisure time is increasing throughout the years, they still aren’t being portrayed equally next to men. Why? Maybe that’s a statistical question that needs to be asked.