When I read this I was both saddened and shocked. Sometimes I wonder if feuds like this one would escalade to the point of a deadly stabbing if facebook and other social media sights weren’t available to sort of “amp up” the situation. I don’t think facebook is to blame at all…but I find it interesting that a new sort of “social media rage” and bullying has emerged because of these social media sights where you can slander and basically “fight it out” on-line. And the worst part is, its there, recorded for all of your “facebook friends” to see…

Woman Stabbed to Death Over $20 When Facebook Feud Escalates

Kamisha Richards, 22, stabbed to death after Facebook feud over diaper money, police sayKamisha Richards, 22, stabbed to death after Facebook feud over diaper money, police say (NYPD)

WPIX Newsroom2:45 p.m. PST, March 1, 2011 

BROOKLYN, NY — It was a dispute that started over money, then later snowballed into a war of words on Facebook and it later resulted into the brutal stabbing death of a 22-year-old Brooklyn woman.

According to police, Kamisha Richards was stabbed Monday night outside her home at the Cypress Hill Houses in East New York.

Richards suffered one stab wound to the chest and succumbed to her injuries at Brookdale Hospital a short time after.

Police have since arrested 18-year-old Kayla Henriques, the victim’s brother’s girlfriend who also lives in the same Brooklyn housing complex.

She has been charged with second-degree murder.

Authorities say the two women engaged in a heated argument on Facebook a day earlier. Postings on the social networking site suggests that Richards lent Henriques $20 for diapers that she did not immediately pay back.

In a series of posts, the two went back and fourth, lashing out at each other, making references to the money among other things.

“I don’t give a f–k,” Richards wrote to Henriques, according to the New York Post. “U know ya sister so its not just ova $20 its the principle so don’t make it seem like I’m goin n 4 $20 she kno wat she did and she real f–ked up … this aint the 1st time she did dum sh-t…F–K THESE NOSY PPL!!!!”

Henriques was quick to respond to Richards, threatening her.

“Dnt try to expose me mama but I’m not tha type to thug it ova facebook see u wen u get frm wrk,” she wrote on Richards’ wall Sunday night.


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