“We’re trying to explain why after years and years of economic growth — high income growth — average happiness across the nation has actually remained fairly flat.” – CBC Britain

“Positive feelings are less affected by money and more affected by the things people are doing day to day.” -Washington Post

“Life satisfaction was directly and strongly correlated with income, with the impact felt equally among all ages, men and women, and rural villagers and urban dwellers in virtually every corner of the globe, the researchers reported in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Although money also influenced emotions, the effect was much weaker. Both positive and negative emotions tended to be affected much more in relation to other psychological and social factors, such as feeling respected, having autonomy, strong social support and working at a fulfilling job.” – Washington Post


Everyone compares happiness to money, don’t you? Think about it, the more money you have, the more happy you are, correct? Money only makes you happy if you’re richer than your neighbors, won’t you agree? Buying those one of a kind sneakers, that huge house with an outdoor swimming pool, a few cars and lots of cash. Won’t that put a smile on your face? Guess again!

2 similar surveys conducted in different places around the world, having different reasons for WHY AN INDIVIDUAL IS HAPPY.



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  1. I knew a psychiatrist that once told me that he liked working with rich people- because those people had REAL emotional issues. Their issues were not around money, it was more relationship stuff… while a lot of their lower income families issues were about money.

    Anyway, I think having money would make me happy. I wouldn’t have to worry about getting a job and just been a full time student and investing in stock! I would learn anything I want and travel the world! That would make me pretty darn happy i think.