The Five Pointz graffiti "mecca" in Long Island City, queens.

I really love Five Pointz and have gone to their exhibitions- when you enter those spaces it makes you feel like in some other world.  You find some artists living in their studios… and while it feels kind of cool to living  and breating your art…  it’s also scary to live in a building that appears to be falling a part all the time!

I am very sadden that it will be replaced by new developments…  But at the same time, I always look at some of those areas as really needing some remodeling.   Some parts around there are very industrial and isolated…  except for the train.  I think a visit to such a place is due before it gets destroyed!  It will make very cool photography projects.


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  1. Shantel says:

    I believe this act is wrong because it’s kinda taking away an authentic vibe from the area. Its been there for years and many residents has come to love the sight of it, so why would they want to take it away. The developers are lessed concerned with the needs of the residents and more concerned with money. I believe this is only the first step before they start buying areas out to make a super complex, and leaving residents out in the cold.

  2. Sanam says:

    Until now I never thought there would be a time when I would not see Five Pointz while looking out of my 7 train window. But then again, I also never thought Shea Stadium would be replaced with Citi Field. I guess I just expected that icons such as these, that for me, symbolize where I come from, would be too important to lose. Unfortunately change is inevitable, the building is falling apart, and NYC needs more luxury housing.

  3. brutenbe says:

    I will also miss seeing the iconic graffiti, on the walls of Five Pointz, from my passing subway car. I think it’s a shame the neighborhood is losing this rent-free artist space. Why raze the building and put up high-rises? Why not renovate the building and the surrounding area? Then, as the article stated, it could continue, “… as an informal training ground and gallery for street artists from around the city.”

    As an artist, I feel that many times our government pushes to the side – or demolishes – art and art resources in the name of ‘economic and political’ growth. Five Pointz is an example of that.

    Thanks for posting this article. I think it’s important for people to be aware of issues such as this one.