While most women in the developed countries are enjoying the liberty that time has brought up with struggles and courages of many women in the past some others in the underdeveloping nations are still struggling with violence and suppression and living even without the liberty of their own life.  Out of her courage and dignity, a Kenyan woman Rebecca Lolosoli has initiated a village (named Umoja – Unity) as a shelter for women like her from domestic and social violence, suppression, and evil cultural practices like genital mutilation. In that village no men other than their own sons are allowed as long as they abide by the village rules. They have developed their village as a wonderful artisan community where they specially work on beads. However, they still are living with threat from their rivals – males in the village. This is one of the story of such women who are still fighting for their freedom putting their life at stake. This is a call for us (women) to feel their pain and hold their hands for support.

Rebecca Lolosoli

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  1. I believe this article is very enlightening and demonstrates that the fight for women’s rights is a never ending ordeal. As women in America, we may have felt that we have achieved a great deal by how far we have come, yet the fight is never done until all women from around the world can achieve some greater sense of freedom too. Perhaps as females, we can come together with ideas to bring freedom to our international sisters. I have watched several documentaries and movies that suggest that women from underdeveloped countries may be farther from emancipation than ever before. This is something that should be of concern to all female regardless of where we live. If our fellow mothers and sisters are still in bondage, then their children will grow in bondage also. It is time we come together to find ulterior solutions!