Schoolboy Jorge Sermeno hold a U.S. and a Salvadorean flags during the preparations for President Barack Obama's visit, in the town of Comasagua, 30 KM southwest of San Salvador on March 17, 2011

So I watching CNN during my lunch break just now… Obama is in Chile doing his Latin American tour… and I thought, Ok, his first stop was Brazil, now Chile… what happened to the rest of Latin America…  he is just down in the south.

I took out my iphone and did a quick search to see what other countries he was visiting in Latin America.  And I couldn’t believe it- is he seriously going to visit El Salvador???  I don’t remember the last time a US country visited my country or actually pretended to care- all i know is that the US foreign policy allow the massacre of thousands of civilians during the Civil War during the 80’s. 

It’s weird…  it made me kind of happy…  He is supposely going to stop by to also commemorate the grave of Archbishop Oscar Romero.  And this is whyI think it’s hard to let go of Catholicism in a lot of Latin AMerican countries- because during wars, clergy members have spoken against the human rights abuses by the government.  Oscar Romero was killed- and four U.S. nuns were also murder during the civil war.  I feel moved that the president would care to visit my country that I often times is left forgotten.



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  1. So it finally surfaced… that El Salvador was probably the only country that it made sense for him to visit. Two other central american nations are in the middle of electrions… panama, costa rica, and Mexico have extensive relationships with the U.S. so unless he wanted to ignore Central America- El Salvador was the logical choice. Oh well.

  2. brutenbe says:

    When you first posted these articles I read them and meant to reply, but forgot. So, I’m doing it now. I felt the articles were very interesting and informative. They made me think about countries that have had civil unrest or war, genocide, oppression, and the U.S. politics that determines which of those countries the U.S. decides to assist or invade.

    The articles also reminded me of a great movie, “Salvador” from 1986. The move covers the Salvadorian Civil War, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should, I think you’d like it.

    Thanks for posting the articles, I enjoyed reading them, and now I’m going to re-watch the movie.