Today I stumbled upon this great video about a research project done by Deb Roy, a researcher at MIT, who wanted to learn more about how his own infant son acquired language. He set up video cameras throughout his home for the first few years of his son’s life, and recorded thousands upon thousands of hours of home video footage. The data in this presentation is truly amazing and says so much about how we acquire the language we use.

TED does it again. See for yourself: The Birth of a Word


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  1. wow that’s pretty amazing!!!! I love it! I want to hear how he learns longer and more complicated words.

  2. brutenbe says:

    I finally got a chance to watch this video… wow, how great, thanks so much for posting it!!

    Your posting was both perfect and timely, this semester I’m taking a child development class in the Psychology department, and one of the main sections we covered was cognitive language development. One of the theories about language acquisition is that we are genetically ‘hard-wired’ to develop verbal communication (speech). Watching this video really makes you think about that, and what and how that process works.

    I’m going to send the link for the video to my Psych professor, and suggest that she forwarded it onto the entire class, if they haven’t seen it yet, I think they will love it.