This is an interesting article because it deals with the “language” attached to new technologies like the iphone or social networks like facebook.  This language and associations did not exist prior to these programs or software been available.  So as we advance, I am sure we will become familiar an natural to know new vocabulary within this realm.

Apple is suing Amazon because the new android device will have an “Appstore”.  It is interesting that these words are being claimed to be trademarked by particular companies.  It is kind of silly as these words are known outside of just the “Apple” context and therefore do not (or I think, should not) belong to them.  Just like “face”, “book”, “poke” are words that existed outside of “facebook”.  I do not think that the US patents and Trademark should be approving words like that!

It reminds me of a few years back when Aqua got sued by Mattel when they used the word “Barbie” and “ken”  in one of their song.  Surprisingly, Aqua had to pay for using this word in their song and had to stop using it.  I guess to many this would make sense.  However, consider that Barbie is a national icon- it represents things- and not necessarily a doll. “barbie” is an idea and it exist outside of this doll.  Because it is used to represent so many different things, like “beauty” and “material consumption”, etc., therefore, I do not think Mattel has the right to claim it as their own.  Anyway, barbie is a social and cultural phenomenal…


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