Mayor Bloomberg is pretty upset about the 2009 Census counts,as he should be. According to UPI, “The Census Bureau reported 8,175,133 city residents last spring, a mere 2.1 percent rise from 2000. The figures have Brooklyn up by 1.6 percent and Queens with only 1,343 new residents.” As we know, the census counts are extremely important in determining our funding therefore, the mayor has decided to challenge the census.

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I guess this means we should look out for some more forms to fill out. Keep your eyes open and send them back NYC!


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  1. How does he know that the immigrant community is about 8.4 million? And yes, the number to be up that little is probably inaccurate…

  2. I believe this matter is one that should be looked into greatly. New York is amongst the fastest growing cities, so it amazes me that the statistics do not demonstrate that of each other. I also find it interesting that in a city so developed, we as New Yorkers can not find the time nor appreciate the importance of accurately documenting our existence within the city. Perhaps this underrepresentation in the census indeed shows how fast pace we really are, so fast paced that we don’t have time to complete the census in an effort to improve our ever expanding city!