I meant to post this a few days back…

It’s becoming very expensive to live in some cities and it looks like communities of color are moving out.   Blacks appear to be moving into affluent suburbs.  And for the first time black, Hispanic, and Asians are making up most of the New York City and its suburbs.

Anyway, I just looked at the mapping of the 2010 U.S. Census and it looked at where I live- and it says (population in 2010:5,304, since 2000: -10.4) (NYtimes).  Does that mean that 10.4% of the population is missing in 2010?  or moved or something?  why is it negative?

Whites: 5%                    Change from 200: -21%

Black: 1%                                                               -30%

Latinos: 62%                                                        -12%

Asians: 31%                                                              +1%

Native American: o%                                         -89%

Multiracial: 2%                                                     -41%

Other groups: 0%                                                -66%




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