Hey everyone,

So I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but… Lately I feel like females have been becoming targets of cyberbullying. I like to hear your opinions and from what point of view you’re expressing those opinions:

1. Alexandra Wallace

This happened a month ago and I’m assuming all of you have heard who Alexandra Wallace is and what she did. If not, please watch this video before reading on:

As an male Asian American, I’m really offended because not only did she attacked an entire college, but she attacked an entire race. Especially right after what just happened to Japan. Before I decided to join in as one of the many many many responders on YouTube. I swift my point of view, took a step back and saw this in a different angle.

As a educated student, I realized what she did cannot be undone. She dropped out of college, not being able to get a college degree and when she applies for a job, she’s going to be in hot water. Knowing there would be ignorant people, I asked myself: Is it really worth joining a fight that has already been won?

2. Pamela Foreman

Still confused who she is? I think you should give this article a quick read first:

As an atheist (I’m not really 100% atheist), I think it’s plain crazy because I feel like I’m not free to make my own choices and being forced on into changing my beliefs and morals. But if you read the article, it was her intentions of being an Internet troll and cause chaos.

3. Rebecca Black

Okay, by now I’m assuming you know who Rebecca Black is. If not, I’m sorry to have to painfully make you watch this:

Speechless? More like deer in the headlight.

First off: As an adult and someone who works with people with disabilities, I encourage anyone and everyone (even young people) to try and pursue their dreams. And mind you, this girl’s only 13 years old.

Second: I think the problem that people are finding in this song is that it’s VERY LITERAL. However, I’ve also come to believe that it’s not what we call a “great” song because it’s not about: drugs, alcohol, sex, break ups, etc.

Third: On the brighter note, compared to the first two videos I posted in this blog, most of her video responses were positive and remixes of her song. I guess it lesson the hate load off her shoulders.

Do you have any other recent videos that targeted women in cyberbullying? What are your thoughts? Whether you’re a man or woman, Asian or non-Asian, educated or non-educated, etc.

Side Note:
One of the reasons I wrote this blog was because my classmates and I are researching on technology, but specifically Internet enabled devices. I’m personally interested in finding out if there are ways to use this technology (particularly videos) in a more positive ways. Besides spreading awareness and how to(s), what else is a video good for? As Professor Pok said: “With the introduction to new technology, we also have new avenues such as cyberbullying.”

Check out some of my favorite responses to the videos I posted in this blog:


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  1. ilusha88 says:

    I heard about this girl Alexandra Wallace, and what she said is one of the most ignorant and racist things that I have ever heard come out of a person’s mouth. How dumb does a person have to be to smash a community of people that make up more than half of that University’s student body as well as a large percentage of the city of L.A. Getting kicked out of school was not punishment enough in my opinion. In response to Pamela Foreman, she must be a seriously disturbed individual to “pray” for a disaster as catastrophic as the one that hit Japan. The fact that she says that this was “God’s” will and his doing is also ludicrous. Religious fanatics like her have to be removed from society because these are the types of people that start cults and orchestrate mass suicides.

    • Donald says:

      Hi Ilusha88!

      Actually, Alexandra decided to “drop out” of UCLA due to excessive threats. It’s unfortunate because if you think about it in a long term perspective, she won’t be able to find a job easy as everyone knows who she is.

      As for Ms. Foreman, she’s what we call an “internet troll” meaning she agitates people just for fun. So when that video was published, the entire internet community went through the trouble of finding her actual address and send threats to her as well. As a result, Ms. Foreman won’t be causing anymore nonsense trouble ever again.

      Thank you so much for taking the time reading my article! 😀