In previous psychology and sociology classes, I have witnessed controversial debates on whether marriage truly improves health. While some believe marriage has no effect on ones emotional or physical being, the article below suggest that it does. The author found that those who were married were less likely to die from diseases in comparison to their unmarried peers. The article also states that today, future studies would have to be conducted to access the effect of gay marriage, divorce participants and domestic partnership. Yet this article still leaves one to wonder why is it that married people are less likely to be diagnosed with pneumonia, cancer and undergo surgery. Is marriage truly correlational to health and if not what other underlying factors are there?


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  1. maybe because having a partner/wife/husband makes you more aware of taking care of yourself… for example, I have to eat healthier because my partner has some health issues and so we have to avoid certain foods… and we exercise… otherwise, I will probably be more of coach potato, lol.

  2. kelirosa says:


    This article blew my mind. There is so much here that I want to comment on…but I’ll keep it limited to…

    I find it interesting that it’s not so much the “institute” of marriage that makes the married people “healthier”…but rather the relationship itself. To me this means that marriage is just a title, but what is really keeping people “healthy” is the intimate connection that comes from living with someone as a couple. I find that since basically moving in with my boyfriend, my stress level has dropped quite a bit. In terms of feeling “supported”. Even in school, I guess I don’t feel like I’m all alone in this thing. And whether I like to admit it or not, it’s been much easier getting through mid-terms and finals now that I “live with” my boyfriend. Back when I lived alone, exams at school would turn me into a HUGE ball of stress.

    I want to share this line with EVERYONE I know who is or has ever found themselves in a not-so-healthy relationship:

    “… the Glasers’ findings help explain epidemiological data showing that couples in troubled marriages appear to be more susceptible to illness than happier couples…But most important, the study offered compelling evidence that a hostile fight with your husband or wife isn’t just bad for your relationship. It can have a profound toll on your body.”

    Too often we fail to realize the consequences stress can have on our body…I even shared this article on my facebook…that’s how important I think that line is.