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Clink this link, and read this article: http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2011/04/jcrew/ , I think it is a perfect accompaniment to the article posted, just before my post.

Recently there was quite an uproar, and a flurry of articles written, over a J. Crew Ad, which showed a young boy with pink nail polish on his toes.  The below article was written in response to some of those articles.  (I’ve also attached links to other response articles.)   In our culture, gender – what it is, who decides, how it is expressed – is a very ‘hot-button’ issue.  I think these articles offer a fascinating glimpse into minds of differing perspectives.  I hope that you will comment.  I would love to hear the classes’ thoughts on this issue.








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  1. Wow lol, that’s cute.

    Why do they associate the little boy with LGBT issues? I mean, can’t a regular boy just like pink nailpolish? Why is that a “woman” thing or femine thing…

    Fluidity, i like it.


    • brutenbe says:


      Your comment made me think. In our culture, and here in NYC, if a man wears something pink – even just a shirt or tie – there is an association that he must be gay, or bi. I recently learned that all people put things (including other people) in categories; this is just one part of a human’s neurological cognitive process, which makes thinking, remembering, and understanding much easier. That being said, and understood, I still wish that humans didn’t get so mired in categories, and looked beyond what ‘seems’ to be the obvious.


  2. I read an article a few months ago similar to this, it was about a young boy who dressed up as Daphne from Scooby Doo for his classroom Halloween party. He looked completely adorable and was so excited about his costume and when his mother brought his to school, his friends and classmates did not care about his feminine costume but it was the parents that verbally assaulted the boys mother! I wish I remembered what it was called so I could share the post. If I find it online, I definitely will post it.