Given this semester’s class project (at least for one of the classes) as well as both classes’ interest in technology, this report may be of interest to some of you. Reposted from Digitized.

Good reports on a study recently published by the University of Maryland’s International Center for Media & the Public Affairs (ICMPA) and the Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change, where they decided to see if we could shut off all the media and technology around us:

Researchers asked 1,000 students at a dozen universities in ten countries on five continents to abstain from any kind of media consumption—no TV, no smartphone games, no Twitter or Facebook, and no instant messaging—for 24 hours, and then write about how they felt. A majority confessed that they actually couldn’t complete the challenge. Even a few hours without access to media made American students feel, “like an addict,” and like they were “going crazy. One even wrote, “I was itching, like a crackhead, because I could not use my phone.” (CrackBerry, indeed!)


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  1. Herminia Gomez says:

    I am totally going to try it and tell you about it… I will do it wednesday this week. This sounds fun… let see how it goes!


  2. brutenbe says:

    Very interesting article, I really enjoyed reading it, plus it goes so well with the post I made about Internet Addiction. I love when one post complements another. I’m sure that most people – at least between the ages of 13 and 35 – would be hard pressed to give up all (or even just a bunch) of their media consumption diversions.

    Mina your post made me wonder… I think this would be an interesting challenge for our class to take. Maybe on a Sunday, when most people are not expected to be “plugged-in” for work, we could all agree to try to abstain from using any and all media for that day. I would give it try. Of course I’m old school… my perfect day is curling up on the couch with a good book, and no interruptions for the entire day!


  3. I am definitely one of those people. I’m completely addicted to technology like facebook and my cell phone. The times I’ve broken my smart phone and had to use a regular cell until I got a new one made me feel so useless just because I couldn’t access the information I’m so used to having 24/7. I honestly feel incomplete when I don’t have my cell phone on me and I really do think it’s completely nuts and awful of me to feel that way.

  4. kelirosa says:

    Its funny…when i read this, what popped into my head was, well i’ve done this before. Gone without technology for 24 hours…however when i thought about the circumstances in which i did go without technology for 24 hours, i was in a TINY town in Mexico, rual Mexico, without access to any of those technologies…
    Therefore under those circumstances, it wasn’t that difficult to go 24 hours without technology, i think i might have even gone 48.

    However, I’ll be the first to admit, when the technology is available, i am for sure and for certain addicted to my crack berry. when the phone is dying, i will go to extreme lengths just to have some juice…for example i will stand in the sprint store, charging my phone, until the battery is at least half way done.

    This makes me sad, however, because of my “crack berry” i’m in constant communication with friends that are literally continents away. I can’t imagine not being in constant contact with these friends, even if it is through instant messaging or facebook.

    It will be interesting to see our classes survey results, especially when looking at something like this…Where people found it almost impossible to go without technology.

    • I totally rely on my phone and can’t imagine to be without it. After reading this article, I thought for a minute a “World without Technology” It’s sad because technology facilitates us to keep in touch with others.