Today, while most of us in the U.S. were busy enjoying the wonderful weather on the first of May, thousands of people around the world geared up this morning for a day (and night) of protests and marching. According to the International Business Times, “May Day is synonymous with International Worker’s Day, or Labour Day,” in many countries. May Day is also said to be inspired by the 1886 Haymarket riots in Chicago.

To tell you the truth I did not know exactly what May Day was. All I remember learning about May Day in school was that it was the day to skip around a May pole with flowers in your hair. Anyway, click here to read more and to view more pictures of demonstrations from around the world.



Photos courtesy of the International Business Times.


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  1. kelirosa says:

    I’m so glad you posted this!!! I spent my May Day at Union Square with hundreds of others. I really enjoyed the photos you’ve posted!