With the death of Osama Bin Laden, not President Obama all News outlets have been caught intentionally or unintentionally mixing up Obama with Osama.

Now there are a hundreds of videos of “Right leaning” media mixing up the names on YouTube, But is it just a honest mistake or is there a subconscious micro-aggression underlying the mix up?

Another though, Are our news casters just going to the motions of reading the News, or do they really care and know what they are talking about? Are News Caster just pretty faces that read off teleprompters?

Or am I just looking too deep into this? I don’t think so. Thoughts?


2 responses

  1. Donald says:

    Honestly I had to look twice or three times. I was hearing both names from all over and I don’t blame people. Their names are identical except for ONE letter.

  2. thisguynamedpaul says:

    Good point, but their name aren’t read of the teleprompter without context. But President usually precedes Obama and most wanted terrorist/Al Qaeda leader precedes Osama. It can’t be that ridiculous to say there is some micro-aggression going on.