Hi everyone!

Happy belated mother’s day to all the mothers out there. I found this music video & it was inspiring because it’s about this guy who found out he’s adopted at the age of 18 & the result of all that is this video where he’s conveying a message to his biological mom & hopes to find her one day. I’m just spreading this video around to help the cause and I hope his mother sees this and hopes he finds his biological mother. I also think this video is to remind us not to take life for granted. I hope you enjoy this video!

Donald K.


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  1. Hi Donald,
    This song has a positive though for everyone specially people who go through adoption. I feel that this song expresses love and devotion. Many adopted people feel comfortable with their life experience. However, other feel less so. Sometimes people who have been adopted describe a sense of emptiness and not belonging as if something whats missing. Those feelings of difference or emptiness can make people wonder about their own identity.

  2. thisguynamedpaul says:

    The fact of not knowing who your biological parents are is something I can not begin to comprehend.

    But I personally believe that if there is the proper support structure than anyone can grow up and a life a life where it doesn’t matter if you are adopted or not.

    Many people are raised by their biological parent(s), but even if they don’t have the support structure they are just as “disadvantage” as those who are adopted. (I rather not use the term disadvantaged but can not think of another at the moment.)

    The ability for him to make such a high quality video shows that just because you are adopted it doesn’t mean you are in any way disadvantaged compared to those who aren’t

  3. Nikki Shan says:

    WOW. This song really touched me. I also agree with thisguynamedpaul, I dont like the word disadvantage in the case either.

  4. pamana123 says:

    I was a Foster worker 3 years ago and I know how some children still aren’t happy with their adoptive parents. I can understand 100% because some foster parents are just in it for the money. Im not saying that this boy had bad foster parents, however it is possible for some children to be treated unfair and neglected in a foster home.