Oxytocin is a medicine which is being tested on children with autism. There are plenty of pros and cons about the cause of Autism. Take a look at this article, I found it interesting because it contributes to the research on Autism.

<a href="http://www.npr.org/2011/01/03/132473913/scientists-test-trust-hormone-for-autism-fight” title=”Scientists Test ‘Trust Hormone’ For Autism Fight” target=”_blank”>


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  1. Donald says:

    Hi Sue!

    I’m so glad your post is finally up in public to see! As I have stated a few times in class, I work with college students with disabilities and some of them actually have autism. Like other treatments, I like to wait and see what happens later on in a long term effect through “trial and error”.

    First off, did they ever think that this can effect their trust on “strangers” and everyone else?

    And second, it may have a side effect. I’m not a pharmacist, but it’s safe to say there’s no “perfect” drugs.

  2. Nikki Shan says:

    Toni Braxton’s son has autism. I was just watching “Braxton’s family values on the WE channel. Toni Braxton had did a speech about Autism in one of the episodes.

    Great Article.

  3. pamana123 says:

    I have worked with people with disabilities including people with autism especially children. Family who have loved ones with autism can be real challenging for them. I agree with Donald, there is no perfect drug.

    I was just watching “Braxton’s family values on the WE channel. Toni Braxton had did a speech about Autism in one of the episodes and came across this article as well.

    Toni Braxton Breaks Down and Cries on the View Over Autistic Son
    Well-known Songstress Toni Braxton Sobs Over Autism Diagnosis for Youngest Son
    Paula Neal Mooney
    Paula Neal Mooney, Yahoo! Contributor Network
    Jan 29, 2007 “Contribute content like this. Start Here.”

    Songstress Toni Braxton appeared on The View today in her new role as a spokesperson to raise awareness for children diagnosed with autism. It is a subject that hit very close to home, since Toni Braxton’s own
    youngest son, Diezel, 3, was diagnosed with autism in September 2006.

    “He wasn’t developing like his brother was,” said Braxton about the little red flags that clued her in that something was amiss with her youngest child when compared to his 5-year-old brother, Denim.

    “I know you’re not supposed to compare,” Toni added, “but things were drastically different.”

    Braxton said she heard all kinds of excuses from pediatricians and doctors as she sought help to find out what was wrong with her little boy. Toni heard everything from “Oh, he’s just a little delayed” to a diagnosis of verbal apraxia to hearing problems.

    “We had his hearing checked twice,” Braxton said, indicating that it was fine. “All different kinds of doctors were brought in…We never got an answer and I just felt something was wrong,” Toni continued.

    Eventually Toni and her husband received a shocking blow when Braxton tried to enroll Diezel in school. “When I got to Vegas,” Toni said, “I put him in school with his brother – a private school there – but they said, ‘He shouldn’t be here.'”

    It was the dean of the school, in fact, that told Toni to come pick up her son because he wasn’t ready to attend that particular school. As for the reasons why, Toni explained: “His behavior, speech, compliance…a little bit of everything.”

    The popular love song crooner described her first emotions: “I didn’t know what to think. You mean there’s something wrong with my child?” Braxton asked herself. Then she was given a card to an organization called Child Find in Las Vegas, who eventually diagnosed Diezel with autism.

  4. Janhvi Kukade says:

    Whatever helps right? The most we can do is keep finding cures because each person is different and therefore whatever we can do to help even one person is worth the test.