Recently I have come across Violent Acres, a blog containing the viewpoints of a person who possesses many progressive opinions.  This is one of her most prominent ones. What she proposes, for several thought-provoking reasons, is that there should be a birth control method for men other than condoms, vasectomy and abstinence. As a male, I agree.

This person’s entire blog is a blast to read, I got hooked on it. I believe she’s on to something (many things)


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  1. Donald says:

    An interesting article presented in an interesting (somewhat inappropiate) way. At least, this helps men think twice before having sex and not want a kid.

    • I don’t think this was about thinking twice before having sex, I think the point she was making is that it’s not fair for Men to pick between not having sex and having sex, and possibly be responsible for a child they didn’t really want.

      It’s more like leveling the playing field so that anyone, man or woman, can have sex without “risking” children. It’s almost like a world where you don’t have to think twice, because of Male/Female birth control.

  2. Nikki Shan says:

    I still say “Safe seex is the best sex”. lol. Interesting article.

  3. A birth control for Men, really? never thought of that, but I think it’s such a great idea. Women have more choices than men when it comes to birth control. So men are mostly left with 3 choices, which are highlighted in the article. If this pill becomes effective I think it can greatly benefit males as well as females in terms of unwanted pregnancies. So in any case if a woman forget to take the pill, no worries he got it!

  4. pamana123 says:

    There is an article called “Can A Man Really Get Pregnant? Sure, But It Might Kill Him:
    Check it out:

  5. Sharon says:

    This blog caught my full attention. It’s nice to see Something that eases women’s responsibility when it comes to sex and all it entails. I think this a great idea I mean women already have so much to keep track of. Their families, jobs, sex life one less thing would be a lot helpful. Some men dont want a vasectomy because they feel it emasculates them. And abstience is wonderful but its not for everyone. A birth control pill for men would be alot more effective. Plus when it does come to birth control for some reason it always falls upon the women, giving her more options than anything a man can hope to find. So this is great i agree make it happen and it will be a big breakthrough!