-“ Education, it is said, is lighting a fire, not filling a bucket.”

In this article of  The Nation, William Deresiewicz explains why Graduate School may not be worth it to those who want to go there, and how it’s detrimental to the country, and detrimental for us, especially those who wish to go on to Graduate school. Deresiewicz elaborates on the issues of tenure (which Iadmit, I need to read again) and the issue of Humanities and the Arts being under constant, increasing threat because they aren’t in “state interests”.  If you want to know why so many Adjuncts are teaching at Hunter (maybe CUNY in general), this is THE article to read. It may be distressing for some.

Link ->Faulty Towers: The Crisis in Higher Education

I must say, ideally , being a Graduate student would be great. Deresiewicz says that Graduate students spend their 20’s in Graduate school instead of making money because “they believe in knowledge, ideas, inquiry; in teaching, in following their passion.” Don’t we, as students who are in college to pursue our intellectual interests, believe in this as well? From the get go, I didn’t think I was going to make a lot of money, but learning about the world, societies and cultures and gaining many different opinions and viewpoints sounded like a good alternative. Unfortunately, that might not be the case any longer.


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  1. Nikki Shan says:

    OMG I was just reading this same article about 2 weeks ago. Its really interesting, however I am still planing to go to graduate school. lol

  2. thisguynamedpaul says:

    amazing article,really make me think about why I’m actually in college.

    America’ education K-12 education system has been criticized and its higher education praised. But with political rhetoric and budget allocations saying the opposite things. The future generation’s education is put in jeopardy as politicians rally for budget cuts to education and social benefits while the military and defense budget seems to be exploding.

    That in itself is a whole issue, with the budget on defense exploding and America’s arms extending all over the world. Is it time to pull back and focus not so much on the international issue and maybe focus on the home front and the shitloads of issues we have that contradict the goals we are supposedly promoting around the world?

    Great article, its long but its well worth it. Only those who aren’t interested in a better future would not finish reading.

  3. Janhvi Kukade says:

    Well, can we start off by asking the question, is making money the only alternative for going into higher education? Yes, we probably “won’t get a job at the end of it” but isn’t there the same chance of not getting a job after Undergrad as well? So, what are we really going to college for? Isn’t there always going to be competition in the job market? Going to college is just another way of saying, “I have nothing better to do, so why not fill my mind with various theories and thoughts, most of which I will never remember.”

    “Contingent academic labor, as non-tenure-track faculty, part-time and full-time, are formally known, is cheaper to hire and easier to fire.” – Great line, really brings out the reason why the education system is so darn crummy.

    “It saves departments money and gives them greater flexibility in staffing courses.” – So, education is a joke?

    I’m guessing life’s still about luck because we’re all just playing games, right?