I was just singing in to MSN to check my email, when I saw this news story on the front page:


This poor women, and two innocent men were arrested because they were acting “suspiciously”. Notice that all of them were racial minorities. I’m sure if a white American was acting the same way (spending a lot of time in the bathroom !??!!) no one would have thought it was suspicious.

I also find it weird that official think that terrorist would do anything on September 11th again. They know it is a significant date and police would be everywhere.  If they wanted to commit terrorism again they would pick a day that nobody suspects….. DUH!


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  1. mariamdiop says:

    Unfortunately this is the true reality of the United States, always blaming the minorities of their problem.

  2. Bela Gil says:

    Maybe many of you would disagree with my comment, but I believe that these 3 people where at the wrong place and at the wrong time.
    What happened this last Sunday 9/11 certainly could have been another terrorist attack. And I don’t blame the authorities to be over cautious. They must be cautious in order to prevent future catastrophes!!! Maybe, if they had the same reaction 10 years earlier, they could have prevented the attacks.
    However, I don’t agree to the manner the cops act to them. People should always be kind until second evidences. After the plane had landed and nothing had happened, why do they had to “arrest” them?

    In regards to the physical appearance, it is racist to arrest people just because of their physical characteristics but we do generalize stereotypes. As we think that people with glasses look smarter.
    And even when we have the best of the intentions we can be wrong… How many of you never gave a seat to a woman you taught was pregnant but in fact she was just overweight.
    For me it is the same thing but in the case o 9/11, with bigger consequences.

  3. sarahatt says:

    I believe that ever since the attack of 9/11 security has gotten really tight and very strict everywhere, with what’s been happening around us. This is because they want people to feel safe no matter where they are. I certainly feel bad for these 3 people that were arrested during the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 because they” took a long time in the lavatory” and because they were judged based on their skin color and ethnicity. But, they never questioned them why they took a long time in the bathroom and yet they didn’t take into consideration that the person might have felt ill. Yet again, this concept always arises when things like this happens. I agree with the comment above that “we do generalize stereotypes” but i think we should all take a break and think about our actions and reflect on what people should say and how they should act and not be so judgmental on how a person looks and does. This just gives a bad reputation on certain cultures and in this case its a bad reputation for anyone that is muslim or from the middle east.

  4. I definitely feel as though these people were at the wrong place at the wrong time as well as being part of a minority group. Sadly in American society being a minority has much more drawbacks and setbacks then one wants to believe. As the previous comments as a society racial profiling and stereotypes are constantly plaguing our society. I personally thing no matter how hard one may try to judge the world on an equal basis it is very hard to have an entire country, such as America, to truly adhere to a “equal society”. It is said that these three people were acting suspicious, and i really believe (as said by the person who posted this) if they were white their actions may have not be seen as suspicious. These three people were embarrassed and technically harassed all thanks for not being “the typical American”. But what really makes an “American” ? (as asked in lecture)