So I was stumbling across some things and came across this video. It really made me think about our first lecture when Professor Pok asked us “Has anyone asked you what is your race/ethnicity?” Immediately what came to mind was no, never, people usually say “what are you?” or “are you…?”. This comedian begins his skit by pointing this out to his audience. Today in our society it seems like race, nationality,and ethnicity all are part of the same umbrella of the question “what are you?”. It can also be said that in our society everyone seems to be always playing the guessing game, “What do you think she/he is?”, and constantly feeling some sort of accomplishment when they guess another persons race correctly. Apart from people being super sensitive to other races and playing the guessing game, stereotypes begin to be planted within our society.

Of course stereotypes had to come from some where, some place in history. There could be some truth to them, but of course there is much more falsity behind certain stereotypes. It could be said that stereotypes began as a small seed planted by those outside of a racial group and as time progressed, and social status’ changed, those seeds grew into tangled weeds. As long as differences between people existed, as they still exist today, stereotyping is a constant reaction to “dealing” with the differences. Of course the majority in power have strong stereotypes against the minority, but you must stop to think that the opposite occurs as well. Minorities have just as many stereotypes towards the majority as well as any other race that is not their own.

Even though racism and stereotyping can be said to be an issue in any society, it still seems to be an “alright” topic to discuss, like this video, stereotyping has even become comedic. There are so many comedians that use stereotypes in their material, and even just regular people who are trying to be funny. So a question that has to be asked, is stereotyping as “racist” as once believed, or has time and acceptance of these stereotypes change the harm it does? People want to get offended after encountering a stereotype being put upon them, but is this really justified when more then likely that person themselves have a stereotype towards someone else of a different race….

Finally I wanted to bring up the point the comedian says in the last couple of seconds of his skit, where racism would be so difficult to get rid of. I think this has more truth in it then most want to believe. Even here in New York, a melting pot of different races, there is still a ray of racism underneath the liberalism. The nation itself has racism hiding under the rug of “freedom”. It might not be as tolerated as in our history, but racism still exists, and it seems to always have been whites against everything else. Although things are progressing there is a lot more to be worked on then most people want to accept.

Heres the link to the comic bit. . .