Have you always been fascinated by science and the amount of research that continues to haunt us in today’s society? And makes you think if it’s worth trying? And generally, it involves the topic of gender on the studies of men and women? Well in that case, an interesting article on a new study came out based on women who take birth control pills which can affect their memory and the amounts of estrogen and progesterone levels.



A Time magazine study, “conducted 66 female students, half of whom were taking oral contraception and half who were not,” showed the differences in hormonal levels which can affect memory. It showed that women who are taking oral contraception had shown a better recall of words when they are actively on the pill cycle rather than when they are in actively on the pill or did not take any hormonal substitutes. If doctors reduced women’s sex hormone levels, their recall of information would change and decrease their memory and will equal a male’s remembrance level. Whereas, women who are not on the pill could remember details but not in depth. This is due to the levels of estrogen and progesterone, “playing a role” on how a woman can remember an emotional event in her life. The pills specifically triggers the hormonal levels during ovulation and stabilizes the hormones throughout the cycle.

I believe that women who take birth control pills, can have slight changes to the ways they contribute to their lifestyle. Taking birth control pills may make a woman’s memory better than a man’s because it depends on the estrogen levels. Based on this study, there are several women who struggle from emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress. These disorders can make a woman feel like she is worthless and may start to react differently around her surroundings. They may also change the effects on her daily routines. In my opinion, I think that birth control pills should be limited to women at certain ages because it may have an effect on other parts of the reproductive system as well as symptoms of weight gain or weight loss, preventing pregnancy, or having irregular menstrual cycles.


2 responses

  1. lianadavydov says:

    I fully agree with you comment on limiting birth control to women of certain ages. I personally have a couple of friends who are on it and though they are being safe, birth control comes with some other issues that can affect them in other areas.

  2. glendainunez says:

    I want to thank you for sharing this information. You have enlighten me for the day. I have been on birth control for high school until several years ago. I could testify that the study is accurate. I thought my episode of “delayed or selective memory” was due to old age lol.

    I also agree with Lianadavydov on limiting the birth control. Birth control takes a toll on your body which takes many years to reverse.