On Sunday Jamey Rodemeyer a 14yr old high school student took his life because of bullying. Jamey identified as bisexual and due to the hate of others he decided his life wasn’t worth living. Jamey’s story is not singular and bullying has increasingly taken the lives of *LGBTQI persons everywhere. Jamey’s mother described her son as “the sweetest, kindest kid you’d ever know”, Jamey “would give  all his heart to you before he gave any to himself”. Through social networking sites Jamey was able to be bullied further. In his Formspring account he was called gay, fat, ugly, unimportant, stupid and worthless. He was told his life didn’t matter and the world didn’t care about him. Jamey was found dead sunday morning in front of his home of an apparent suicide. Although he did have friends and family that loved and cared about him it was not enough to save Jamey. His last blog entries informed other that is was National Suicide Prevention Week along with another post saying his goodbye.

Jamey’s death resulted from hate stemming from antigay comments and the belief that being gay is immoral and abnormal. George Chauncey a Professor at Yale who specializes in LGBTQI history once said  in his book Why Marriage?, “antigay discrimination is popularly thought to have ancient roots, in fact it is a unique and relatively short-lived product of the twentieth century”. I believe this to be one of the biggest barriers in the fight for gay liberation. This notion of gay as deviant is socially constructed and not enough is being done to stop it. Kids like Jamey are being raised in environments in which they are being seen as freaks for being different. Although Jamey knew in his heart that he wasn’t the problem he still took his life. Same is sadly true for gay teens everywhere. Gay teens are more likely to take their lives than their heterosexual mates. Why is this? Why are these kids more likely to be harassed, homeless, beaten and isolated? I can not answer these questions because I can not justify hate in any form to anyone or anything. I can simply bring up this problem and hope that all can see what’s truly wrong  with America today. Gay isn’t wrong, love isn’t wrong but hate is. Socially constructed hatred will continue if we don’t join the fight in acceptance. The “It Gets Better” Campaign reaches out to gay youth with words of love and a message of hope. Thousands have joined the fight again gay youth suicide and are posting videos and sending their messages. Join the fight against hate remember if we don’t stop and think then we become mindless.

If you’d like to read about Jamey please Click this link (it also contains his “It Gets Better” a campaign against LGBTQI teen suicides):


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*LGBTQI: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender,Queer, intersex

**Please note that as a tribute to Jamey I have included a video by his favorite musical artist Lady Gaga to see the video click:


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  1. PattyCakes says:

    After reading this post, I had to ask myself the question of what is normal? In heterosexual marriages there are various ways in which people conduct themselves. Why get married? Some marry because they are passionate lovers, while some marry for greed of money. Some individuals stay married for the sake of their children, while others are afraid of separation. In some marriages, the couple shares everything with one another, while some are so separate that they question why remain married? As a result, what is normal? Who defines normal? Most important of all, what about the increasing notion that being gay is a matter of personal choice or sexual preference? Rather than penalizing the way people are born? Is that any different from punishing people who have a disability?