As I was going home from the Brooksdale Campus this Monday I came across a protest at Baruch College for full healthcare for all CUNY adjuncts. Coincidentally, we discussed a little about this topic in class last Friday (the 23rd). Students have to pay more every year for their college tuition but there are still cuts in spending. Where exactly is the money going? Why do they only cut health insurance for adjuncts and not for full time professors as well? This protest was led by Barbara Bowen, president of The Professional Staff Congress (PSC/CUNY), to push CUNY to rethink their decision on cutting adjuncts health insurance. There were many people at the scene holding up red signs that stated “Save Adjunct Health Insurance.” The protest was successful in that they got CUNY to agree to look into funding for their health insurance; however, that’s just the beginning. In my opinion, the protest can be more successful if all the adjuncts from CUNY can gather and join their protest. This would have made a bigger impact because colleges would be short on staff which would interfere with progression at CUNY colleges. I hope that all adjuncts will come together and fight for what they deserve.

Below is a video of the President Bowen announcing the result of their protest.

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  1. Jennifer Dzurita says:

    This video is so powerful, especially the way the crowd is repeating after President Bowen. Unfortunately she said that they are “requesting” that adjuncts get full funding for health insurance, it wasn’t granted to them yet. But I really hope they are granted it. It’s not fair that they do the same amount of work as professors and even sometimes more but are paid so much less and don’t have the same benefits. Teachers are so valuable, they are the source of the knowlegde students gain which leads each one to be successfull in the many different professons out there. Teachers might be the most important job one can have yet they do not recieve nearly enough credit. I think health insurance would be a good start at rewarding the adjuncts of CUNY.