A new Anti-Immigration law passed in Alabama was put into effect on September 29.  This law allows the police to hold anyone they find to be suspicious in custody if they fail to provide the proper documentation.  They have also involved the schooling system in their attempt to find any illegal residents.  The public schools in Alabama are now forced to produce the citizen status of any new students enrolling in class to higher authorities.

This new law is outrageous to me.  I feel that it will promote racial profiling and that only certain ethnicities will be targeted.  When the economy was strong, there was no mention of these strict laws being enforced. And it seems that they can push legislation whenever it suits them. I feel that the government in Alabama is probably feeling pressure to create jobs and one of the easiest ways for them to take action is to go after illegal immigrants. I really don’t like when people say that illegal immigrants are taking our jobs.  Many illegal immigrants take on undesirable jobs and are often paid below minimum wage. People come to this country for a new beginning and they work very hard to provide for their families and to make sure their children get a good education.  This also puts teachers in a difficult position where they are obligated to report children that do not have legal status. This causes unnecessary discrimination and makes for a stressful class environment.

This is also a possible issue of class as well.  The law forces public schools to reveal their students citizen status, however the video said nothing about forcing teachers in private schools to report this to authorities. Therefore, if an illegal immigrant’s family is able to afford to send their child to a private school they are in a way, more protected than a poorer illegal immigrant family.

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