When I attended fashion night out this past September, I witnessed a very interesting scene to say the least.  This is a night where fashion is at its peak, women and men are dressed up to the nines while visiting all the top designer stores on the richest avenues in NYC.  In the midst of all the fashion, press, celebrities, distribution of champagne, limos and large SUV’s to escort the famous attendees; there was someone who wanted to top all that was going on and walk around topless.   This individual was exposing his or her naked torso and was only wearing a pair of pants with boots on the feet.

You may ponder to yourself why I write “his or her” naked torso. You would automatically think that it would be a man exposing his torso in public and not a woman.  However, this individual had a pair of large breasts and a figure that resembled that of a female.  At first I thought it was a man that had had a procedure done to look like a female but then I realized she was a woman who was trying to make a statement.  In the culture that we live in, a woman walking around exposing her breasts, a very private part of her body, is not something that people witness on a daily basis. Some may wonder why that is.  If there is a topless male jogging past or walking around on a hot day , no one would comment negatively because it is something that we are accustomed to seeing while living in NYC.  If we lived in a European country we would most probably witness females exposing themselves more often by the beaches, and other spots and it wouldn’t be anything to talk about.  However, NYC is not as affiliated with this behavior.

This lady was trying to ask the city, if a man can walk around half naked why can’t she?  During the height of fashion when everyone wants to show off their expensive, stylish outfits, she wanted to show off her body and tell everyone that she can expose herself at her leisure and promoting your sexuality is okay. Deviance from the norm can cause criticism and slandering yet can also create praise and followers.  This lady had people snapping pictures of her and with her while others were giving her dirty looks.  Living in a society where certain behaviors are expected and encouraged and other behaviors are looked down upon can illuminate different actions and opinions either following the beliefs or trying to create new ones. This lady wanted everyone to witness a new idea that women can walk around as they please the same way men do.


2 responses

  1. Christina says:

    I understand that she was trying to make a statement , however, if it is a fashion show, aren’t they supposed to be showing off fashion and not their bare skin? Some people pose nude in photos and it is seen a a form of art, which I do not have anything against. In this case, however, I don’t think it was a wise fashion decision. Instead of people focusing on what she is wearing, they are more likely to focus on what she is not wearing, which completely takes away from the point of the show.

  2. Professor Pok says:

    I think you might even go further and say she was making a statement about the objectification of women in the whole enterprise of fashion week…in which case, it seems like a brilliant statement to me.