After six decades a 94 year old women received a simple apology from the state.  A women named “Recy Taylor” was a 24 year old . married women who was raped by a gang of white men in 1944. Recy was on her way home from church when she was abducted, battered and left on the side of the road like nothing. Police officers at the time incompetently went about investigating this case because Recy was black. They also went ahead and harassed Recy so the case wouldn’t be brought to court. When it did make it to court the two juries who were both white males declined to bring about charges.

“Her story, along with those of other black women attacked by white men during the civil rights era, is told in “At the Dark End of the Street,” a book released last year. Activists including Rosa Parks took up their cause, but their efforts were later overshadowed by other civil rights battles.”

After reading this article it dawned on me that not much has changed. A black women’s rights were oppressed more than 3 decades ago even though she was entitled to justice. I personally don’t think that an apology after 67 years is enough for a person that was unjustly treated. Recy probably lived in fear after she was raped and her assailants were let off. Just because she was a black women living in the white man’s world. This kind of racism with the white officers taking their same race side still happens today. For example we all remember the Sean Bell case. Sean Bell was a young man in the mitts of beginning his life he was set to be married. But his family had to buy funeral arrangements instead of wedding arrangements. Sean was just simply said to be by the police in the wrong place at the wrong time. But truth is if police officers were more diligent in doing their jobs we wouldn’t have to deal with such screw-ups. Like Recy , Sean was dealt a grave injustice he lost his life and that could never be replaced to his fiancee or his family. Recy also lost a little piece of herself, her safety and life changed for her. She no longer felt like she could count on the law to protect her because she was black.

In the white man’s country the majority needs to realize that their not the only ones around. No matter what the race or gender is each crime should be dealt with appropriately. Just because an officer and criminal are white and the victims are black doesn’t mean that sides should be taken. In a world so diverse people should just be viewed as just that without color playing a role. But unfortunately that’s not the world we live in. We live in a world where a world where a black women was raped by a gang of white men and she given a simple apology 67 years later. Am I the only one that thinks this is not enough?


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