Are you an ethnic minority, conditioned by your history of migration? Do you feel underprivileged because of your race? Then you should join the Berkley’s “Increase Diversity Bake Sale”, to benefit from being “Other”. It certainly sounds interesting when looking at the bake sale this way, but what the bake sale really communicated for many was racism.

The Berkley College Republicans had good intentions, when starting this rather unique bake sale. However by making the attempt to protest against a Senate bill that would give public universities the right to take gender, race, and ethnicity into account when making admission decisions, by selling pastries for different prices, depending on a student’s race or gender, had the effect of demonstrating just how racist this world is.

A member of the Berkley College Republicans, who made a comment on the outrage of this bake sale, said,

“We expected people to be upset,” the group’s president, Shawn Lewis, 20, a third-year political science major, said Monday in a telephone interview. “Treating people differently based on the color of their skin is wrong, and we wanted people to be upset about that.”

The student has an argument when he is saying that it is wrong to treat people according to their skin color, nevertheless this was exactly what has happened at the “Bake Sale”, and is part of what minorities face every day. Minorities don’t have all the resources white people have, and therefore are treated differently. Isn’t it obvious then that these minorities have so many barriers to face? These minorities struggle getting jobs, good education, because their race, or rather society defines them as less white. How can society treat these minorities so differently from white people, taking their privileges, and put one race over the other? Does this sound like equality? NO! So it is only fair for minorities, those schools have the right to consider race, and gender in their admission decision, since they have never been treated equally, and certainly face more barriers than white people do.

The students, who were part of the “Increase Diversity Bake Sale”, knew what it meant to be not “White” and being oppressed because of their skin color or gender, as they have been a mixed group of Asians, Latinos, and women. These students could have been a great example in demonstrating how people of different race, ethnicity, and gender have an invisible backpack with far fewer privileges than “Whites” have, and therefore should not have been protesting against affirmative action.






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