Growing up is never the easiest thing to do. Let’s face it, not all kids are the nicest little humans to deal with. Kids are faced with all kinds of obstacles, and many times they have to deal with some sort of bullying. Being a kid, or even a young adult, and having to deal with bullying is not the simplest thing to deal with. The effects bullying can have on an individual are almost endless. But majority of the time it can make someone feel belittled.

Recently there have been many incidents where young people of the LGBT community have been taking their own lives due to the bullying that they have been faced with. Many young people that are part of the LGBT community deal with bullying on a daily basis. In this year alone there have been many young teens and young adults that have committed suicide because of the hate crimes that they have to deal with. With all of these acts of suicide recently amongst young adults, there has been a recent project called, “It Gets Better” where many people such as President Barack Obama, Ke$ha, Ellen DeGeneres, and many more have dedicated their time to address this situation of bullying and the effects they can have.

In President Barack Obama’s video that I have attached, he wants to let these young people know that in due time, things will get better. The bullying that they may be enduring now should only make them stronger. The whole point of this project is to inspire these young individuals, and let them know that there is a way out of what they may be going through.

There is no valid reason for someone to bully anyone else, nor is there any good reason for anyone to be bullied. The effects that bullying can have on someone can be as extreme as someone to take their own life. Making fun of someone may not seem like much to the one who is making the jokes, but on the other end of the stick, we do not know how the other person may take it. Making fun of people and bullying people can never be justified. Hurtful words and hurtful actions can have dreadful consequences. Those who are subject to bullying need to realize and remember, “It Gets Better”.



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  1. theprodotcom says:

    “It Gets Better” sounds like a great project! Though my knowledge about the movement is limited, it sounds like a great program that will enable adolescent children, as well as adults to be able to cope with the bullies of the world.

    I have to agree with this post in the sense that growing up is not always easy. i also have to agree with the idea that there is no valid reason for bullying, yet there is something intrinsic about its existence in society. The effects of bullying is and can be quite detrimental to a persons character and understanding of who they are. The “It Gets Better” program lends to the idea that the feelings of belittlement and degradation will subside as you get older…..

    The young LGBTQ community seem at the brunt of teasing and bullying as many recent suicides have surrounded gay youths. This is quite depressing. Young children and adults should be raised to embrace who they are and not be as influenced by others perceptions of who the are. Easier said than done i suppose. Hopefully the recent legalization in New York will send the message to society that being anything other than “straight,” is o.k., and nothing to be ashamed of.

    I myself was bullied and picked on, but somewhere along the line it made me a stronger person. I did not care what people called me or said about me; that was their B.S., and i was able to realize that. i wish i could pinpoint what it was that enabled me to cope in such a healthy manner, as i feel it would be beneficial to the “It Gets Better” program. I hope that this movement will find its way into the education process where it will most likely make the most difference.

    Thanks for the post!