I attached a link to a video I found on the New York Times website called, Learning Begins at Home, shows teachers from the Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science who meet with the incoming 6th grade students in their homes a month before school begins. These students live in the South Bronx which is one of the low socio-economic neighborhoods of New York. The teachers come to the students home to meet the students and their parents to show that they care about and are dedicated to the future success of their students. These students are required too sign a contract the teacher has made which lets the students know that the teachers are serious about their conduct and their education.

I think this is a great idea to do for all students especially those in a lower class neighborhood. Usually schools in lower socio-economic neighborhoods do not do enough to keep conduct and order in their schools. This lack of care puts students at a disadvantage. To care about school and education at a young age benefits the students in their path to success as they grow up. The discipline, respect and hard work they learn at a young age will stick with them as they move on to high school and college.

The teachers in the video were determined to meet with these children to benefit their future. In one instance a student Aniece told one of the teachers that her mother had a stroke at home. This teacher felt terrible that Aniece had to experience this at such a young age. The teacher was upset that her help is very limited outside the classroom and can only control what goes on inside the classroom.  

These teachers at the Urban School for Applied Math and Science are determined to change their student’s lives. They are also changing society starting with this school and these new children. Usually students from lower neighborhoods are at a disadvantage to getting into good schools that would lead them to acceptance into prestigious colleges allowing them to be successful. These teachers want to give them the skills and tools the children need to succeed and to get out of these poor conditions. They are trying to give the children of low economic neighborhoods an equal opportunity to succeed.


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