Facebook runs the world!!! I never thought a social networking site would have such a large influence in how we live our lives, our education, and even future career paths. While browsing through USAtoday.com I came across this article. It is incredible how the social media and networking has a great affect on how we do everything.
It came to my attention in the article that some feel as though it is invasion of privacy by looking at someone’s Facebook. Although I don’t feel as though looking someone up on Facebook is an invasion of privacy, I do feel as though it should not be a determining factor in whether that person is accepted into a university or college. however, whatever you put on the internet is up for interpretation by anyone that views it. Now allowing a person’s Facebook become a deciding factor in being accepted to a certain college is a bit absurd. Social networking is used mostly for recreational use so therefore it should not even be a thought when deciding on a college applicant. Accepting an applicant to a college should be primarily based on their academic achievements and accomplishments. One should always be mindful of what information they post on the internet because in our society you never know what that information is going to be used for.



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  1. abezerra says:

    Just the other day I was thinking about how much facebook is changing society. I had heated up a leanpocket breakfast meal, and when I sat down to eat it I noticed the rather disturbing advertisement on the paper-pouch included in the package: “when you eat a nutritious hot breakfast, your facebook status updates are 35% more interesting. According to totally made-up surve results.” Sadly enough, the first thing I did was snap a picture of it and upload it to my wall, asking the question “what is this world coming to?” It used to be that “sex sells”. Forget sex. Facebook sells. Not only does it sell, but like you said, it runs the world! And in my opinion, it will only get worse. I read an article recently about the new facebook “timeline” and how instead of liking something people will be able to just do something and it will be posted on their walls (http://www.chron.com/business/article/Facebook-aims-to-transform-profile-pages-with-2197681.php). Our lives are becoming more and more public, which will only lead to more and more problems since younger users are the ones who are the most careless about the aspects of their lives they choose to share, and they are also the ones who are being judged the most because of it (as in your example, acceptance into a university).

  2. abezerra says:

    If you are interested in why I say things can only get worse with facebook being a means to publicize our lives, see if for yourself in a documentary called “we live in public” (you can watch it on hulu.com by following this link: http://www.hulu.com/watch/192218/we-live-in-public). It is a perfect example of how the media and technology influences our personalities and how people act once their every move is broadcast and publicized.

  3. Cayla says:

    I agree with everyones thoughts above. Facebook has went from a way to connect with friends to something that takes part in ever aspect of our lives. I actually ended up deactivating my facebook over 2 years ago and then realized that no matter what you do, you can’t delete your facebook. Your able to reactivate it at any point in time. This bothers me because how are we so sure that whatever we choose to delete from the internet is really gone for good? I have even had a first hand experience of watching an employer look up a person on facebook to get an “idea” if they are a good candidate for a position.
    Recently, I have started my own business and have found that facebook is a very good way to attract customers to my product. Is is almost a double edged sword, great for what it can do for companies and advertising, but terrible in terms of keeping our personal lives private.

  4. lipy says:

    I also agree that a person’s Facebook page should not be used in determining whether or not an applicant is accepted or rejected from a particular college.The information that is often posted on social networks is not an accurate depiction of how the person actually behaves in reality. People tend to display a different side of themselves on Facebook, which does not reflect who they are as a student. Also, I don’t think looking a person up on Facebook is a good way to asses a person to see if her or she is a good candidate for a job. I feel it is an invasion privacy and that the person has a right to keep their personal social life up on Facebook for networking purposes without feeling they have to restrict themselves.

  5. lipy says:

    *Also, I don’t think looking a person up on Facebook is a good way to assess a person to see if he or she is a good candidate for a job.