So I went to church on Sunday(9/25) and as I was reading the pamphlet for the week I came across a publication on healthcare covering contraceptive use. The church was obviously not for it but I completely understand why the church wants to protest that healthcare include coverage for “… approved contraceptive methods, sterilization methods, patient education and counseling and for all women with reproductive capacity.” I agree that life is a valuable thing and not something to be wasted. But I also think that as the world changes and makes advancements so must the people.

When I say that I think of the ten commandments and how people break them almost everyday. Soldiers kill other people in wars, people kill people in the streets, people come out as homosexual and many people have sex before marriage. When was the last time anyone went to confession or even church for that matter? At least women who are sexually active have the option of using contraceptives to prevent suffering for herself and the child. Not everyone is fit to be a mother. I think contraceptives are a great advancement for women because a new baby will most likely affect her life more than the father’s if he even chooses to stay with her. I think contraceptives are good also for victims of rape or women who have complications with pregnancies such as ectopic pregnancies. That kind of preganancy attaches itself in another place that is not the uterus and as it grows bigger it would erupt and cause internal bleeding which can be fatal.

Today I received a phone call with an automated voice taking a poll on this matter and I guess you all know what I voted. I know the whole point of this is another way for the church to promote no sex before marriage, which would prevent some of these issues. That makes a lot of sense to me but people and their actions show that they still undermine religion. Although I am a Catholic and that I am starting to go to church again I think healthcare should cover these birth control methods because it can really help some women in special circumstances. The pamphlet included the phrase: “Pregnancy is not a disease…”, I agree but at the same time some women just need help.


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  1. ataa17 says:

    I agree with you! If the healthcare industry just stopped covering contraceptive it doesn’t mean that less and less teens would have sex . Stoping the inclusion of contraceptive in medical coverage would just mean less and less teens would feel the need to use it. This issue of including contraceptive greatly effects teens more then anything. For People that fully reject the use of contraceptive for religious reasons fail to see how many of teens resort to abortions due to lack of contraception. Pregnancy is not a disease but what does seem more of an epidemic is the millions of teens who are taking the easy way out and not using contraceptives and aborting babies. • In 2008, 7.2 million women, including 1.8 million teenagers, received contraceptive services from publicly funded family planning clinics in the United States (- Just imagine if contraceptives were no longer insured how many people especially teens would stop using contraceptives altogether.