When was the last time you were asked about your race? What was your reply?  I am sure that many of us, including myself, have come across this question a number of times. Some may have a clear-cut answer, while others are left confused with what to choose as their race. We are usually asked about our race when filling out questions for a job application, a survey, or the census. Sometimes the given choices for race are not enough to fit your exact race. You are left to either select something close enough, or just “other”.

Race is generally how people group themselves based on physical appearance, ethnic background, and which part of the world they stem from. It is apparent that people have different perceptions of themselves and others around them. It would be quite difficult to list all of the different racial categories because there are just so many combinations.

For example, I consider myself to be “South Asian”. However, so far, I have never seen this specific category on any form or survey that I filled out. It always bothered me to check off just “Asian”. It could mean any Asian, I would never be counted as “South Asian” under this category. This category is too  broad, and does not give much information about my race, other than the fact that I come from the eastern part of the world.

Knowing that many of us come across this dilemma, I am excited to share with everyone that race is not a factor that accounts for our differences in genes and phenotype. Our perception and society are what creates race and the definition of race.  In the past, I have seen an advertisement about something called “The Human Race Machine”. You may have heard about it before or even tried it out for yourself.

The Human race machine is a similar to a photo booth. You sit inside of it, and in front of you, there is a camera and a screen that takes a picture of your face. The machine then displays your photo on the screen as different races. You can choose options to see how you would look like being from a different race. I haven’t tried this machine myself, but I would definitely try it if I get the chance. It is a fun experience, and it gets you to think differently about how we really differ from one another.

Here is the link for more information, if anyone is interested:


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  1. This idea inspired my new web called SocialHumanRace.WordPress.com.My father was a Jew,in his own words.That word is so awkward to my senses that I finally learned it is a shortened term for JudaeanHebrewIsrael rooted individual.My dad said Simply Jew.Then are my Judaic kin an ethnic lineage like the PLO charter says PalestineArabs are.Does it matter?Are Dravidian Hindus the original Hindustani natives?Are IndoEuropeans racist colonial settlers? Can we dwell on our HumanRace’s SocialCultural constructs of ethnic identity?How far will that get us for both our local ethnic SocialWorlds and that of our whole HumanRace?Can PalestineArabs and JudaeanHebrews get along? Do social TamilDravidians and HindustaniArayans get along? DarfurSudanAfricanMuslimNonArabs get along with SudanArabs,we thought,until recently?Or did we? Can we incorporate the golden rules’ qualities or properties of common sense,common descency. Can we use our common means and common denominators of Human capital in Social exchange for our common good of our Whole HumanRace?

    • P.S. my fiance USABlack all the way.My niece,in Vancouver,BC,Canada.is married to a HinduPunjabiCanadian,NorthAmerican.Their children are my kinfolk,correct?My Danish,Lutheran,Protestrant USA raised and bred Mother raised me with love for all social individuals of our whole HumanRace.Danes saved 90% of their fellow Jews from Nazis in Denmark,she and my Jewish dad reminded us.What is my ethnic line of identity?When we find life in outer space,will we then be one HumanRace?

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    • My social spirit was terribly torn by ethnic identity interests most of my life.My own identity was vaguely mixed Judaeaic-Christian&European-mediteranian.My Mom and Dad,did not want to cause their offspring to be troubled like they were in the 1930s-1960s.When I had finished my 1970s VancouverBC,Canada,NorthAmerica trip around the social world of our human race,I was ready to handle Judaeaic and Christian,and Islamic social branches of our human race.Of course,Eventually the need to study the rudiments of Greco-Roman(Classical)western social life came to me.Now our human race’s social identity in all it’s diversity is at least partly clear in my soul.The great social cultures of our human race are like an intersecting TaiChi diagram,elsewise called yinyang circle,or a cross section of mandala intersecting in and around it’s constituant divisions of one whole. I am not as torn by ethnic identity issues as I might have been elsewise.Thanks to the great conservators of our Human Race’s social heritage.Now I will try to do the NatGenoGraphic test to round out the next frame in my share of our human race. Bless us all.