“ If we accept and acquiesce in the face of discrimination, we accept the responsibility ourselves and allow those responsible to salve their conscience by believing that they have our acceptance and concurrence. We should , therefore, protest openly everything..that smacks of discrimination or slander ~ mary McLeod Bethune.

Millions of millions of people came together to rebuttal the ignorance of the american justice system. Troy Davis was convicted of killing an off duty security guard in 1989. two decades later and  Troy Davis had still proclaimed his innocence failing to give in to the pressures of a cruel justice system. But in an unyielding society where justice is never just given the struggle for victory was one that was quite difficult to obtain . despite the millions and millions of support from human rights activist, pastors, doctors lawyers, nurses, teachers, students and millions of others who strongly believed that Troy Davis was wrongly convicted he was still sentenced to death.

What good is a justice system that doesn’t implement just acts. the killing of another doesn’t prove to be an act of courage it proves to be an act of cowardice. Although the life of the cop was taken and left behind was a daughter wife and mother does taking the life of Troy Davis really mean lives are put at ease? We can’t accept discrimination. One cant accept or take responsiblity for actions that one has not committed that would mean that he or she is unwilling to improve a society that needs a lot of work.

. In my opinion there’s no doubt in my mind that the death penalty wasnt a tactic to end the uproar that the Troy Davis case had caused. Studies show that 0.64 per million black people are executed as opposed to the mere .14 per million of white people. It proved how racial typing is a very important determinant in cases like Troy Davis. 7 black and 5 whites on a jury had all convicted Davis of murder? In a justice system that seemed to almost always to force or pressure people into accepting into believing to save themselves from being the outsider. it wasnt hard to believe that the jury wasnt pressured to have a convincing Guilty rather than a quiet yet unconvincing Innocent. It just wasnt ok to say he was innocent no matter how convincing he was. The question that lingers in my mind and in the minds of others is ” when will it end”. Was it a race thing ? a black thing? Or just merely a struggle to change a flawed system?

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