I read this article and it seemed very interesting. First of all, I think it is very disrespectful to walk out when someone is given a speech , especially from an important meeting of UN (an organization that is there to protect people rights of freedom of speech as well as equality of every countries). These representants of each countries are supposed to be diplomates and face every situations that come in , instead avoid it. The president has stated what he thought, was the cause of Iraq and Afghanistan invasion, they could challenge him abd ask him for proof. The 9/11 event is a real big issue in United States as well for Arab nations and muslim community. American citizen were the victims, they made their opinions about that matter, they presented the muslim and arab community, has the principal causes of that attacks. It would be nicer to listen to others perpectives rather than just the victims.

For Americans and Westerners, he was supposed to speak about the situation in his country. I think he was trying to say, look you are blaming for this, but are you telling the truth to your citizen about 9/11. You want to discuss about my country while you are also doing the same thing in different ways.


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