Three weeks ago my best friend Ania came to visit me in NYC. During those three weeks we spend lots of time together. I found that her new favorite song is “How To Love” by Lil Wayne . Ania listened to this song on YouTube over and over, and as a result I start to like it to.

Watching the Lil Wayne music video on YouTube, “How To Love” I realized how great impact on our future life’s have our family and personal experience as well. I thing every child is like a plasticine, every finger print will remain on it. Children learn behavioral modes from the family, friends and after that they fallow those patters as the role models. Like in this music video when child is exposed to continuous and tremendous stress, physical and mental abuses it takes those behavioral patterns as a norm. The same child as a grown up person behave in the same way or accepts the type of the behavior as a norm, which she/he observed as a child.

Furthermore, same as the video pictures, this girl maybe never will become prostitute if she will learn how to love in healthy way. She would probably make better choices for herself if she would have better examples in her live. Children simply make similar choices in their lives as they parents because they are first role models to fallow.

After watching together, with Ania the clip “How To Love” she sad that her friend ones sad that because her mother never shoved her real affection when she was a child, now as grownup women, she herself have a problem to express feelings and give affection to other, like her close friends or even her own husbands. In my opinion every child deserve the best in their lives, because live is very fragile and all the scratches will remain on its surface as on the glass which can break.


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Hi I'm lover Junior in Hunter College and international student from Poland.

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