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I believe in seeking for a tougher anti-profiling law just because minorities already have a hard enough time in America as it is.  Look at what is going on right now at Berkeley in California with the bake sale.  I understand that we do need affirmative action and it may be a little unfair but the version of affirmative action that they performed was not right.  In fact it humiliated some of the attending minorities during the process.  It is things like this that make it harder for minorities across the country.   Minorities within our country should not feel humiliated or as if they are treated unfairly compared to whites in America.  So seeking a tougher anti-profiling law should definitely be pushed to the fullest extent that it can be. 

     One of the  things that really bothered me the most about this article was the fact that police officers are supposed to report the ethnicity of the person that they pull over.  I do not think that this is a good idea at all solely because it reinforces racial stereo types.  All that this does is add to the numbers and statistics that let the public know things they do not need to.  There is no reason why an officer should have to let anyone know what race the person is that he is pulling over.  They were pulled over and now they’re getting a ticket, that’s all that is needed.  I really hope that a tougher anti-profiling law is found and enforced to the extreme because having a minority as a father, I know how tough it can be for someone who doesn’t appear to be an American. 

Here is the link to the article… http://www.chron.com/news/article/Conn-minorities-seek-tougher-anti-profiling-law-2198007.php


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