In my LGBTQI intro class, we always talk about the issues that the LGBTQI group face on an everyday basis. My professor brought up a topic that made me think. He said some people who are against homosexuals usually use the argument that they are unnatural. That would suggest that heterosexuals are natural because it is normal for two people of the opposite sex to be attracted to one another. It is the right way and probably suggest that it’s the only way. He also provided me with an insight that provoked me to question the word natural. According to the first three definitions from Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, natural would be defined,

1 : based on an inherent sense of right and wrong <natural justice>
a : being in accordance with or determined by nature
b : having or constituting a classification based on features existing in nature
3: begotten as distinguished from adopted; also: legitimate

How do we determine if something is right or wrong, or if something is constituting with the existence in nature and lastly, if something is legitimate? What do we, as human beings, consider natural? My professor suggested that if something was natural, we wouldn’t have laws against it. For example, we don’t have a law that keeps us from levitating during class or on the subway. Think about it. We can’t possibly levitate because as human beings, we’re not capable of doing such thing. Nothing in our bodies enables us to have the ability to float around. With that said, it is unnatural and therefore, we don’t have laws against it because it’s impossible anyway. Levitation doesn’t exist. So what is it that makes homosexuality unnatural? It exists and because it exists, wouldn’t that be natural?

When you think of naturality, you think of nature. I will use a seed as an example. When you put a seed into the ground and water it, it will grow. You provide it with all it’s necessities including sunlight and fresh soil and it will grow. However, that doesn’t always happen. You may have the finest of soils and the cleanest of water. You will moderate the temperature to ensure that the seed will grow into a plant, a tree, or a fruit. But sometimes, the seed just won’t grow. Would that be considered unnatural?

Because I was so intrigued with this thought, I needed to talk to someone about it. I was talking to my friend who identifies himself as a heterosexual. I brought this topic to his attention to see what he thought. In his perspective being a Hispanic American heterosexual male, he believes that homosexuality is unnatural in the sense that two of the same bodies, cannot have sex. He says it is natural to have sex with a penis and a vagina, but not a penis and a penis, and a vagina and vagina. However, he distinctively says that the love for each other IS natural. There is nothing unnatural about the love and emotions towards the same sex. It is only the idea of the same sex physical bonding that he claims to be unnatural.

So maybe some people believe the physical component of the human body and having the same body parts perform sexual activities is unnatural. Some people may even believe to love and have sexual attraction to a person of the same sex is unnatural also. However, this sexuality exists and human kind have historically practiced this sexuality. Going back to Merriam-Webster’s definition of the word natural, homosexuals constitutes a classification because it exists in our society. Legitimacy of it is still debatable since we still have laws that prevent homosexuals from obtaining the same civil rights as heterosexuals. But knowing whether it is right or wrong, its “natural justice”, is still wholly up to society.


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  1. I like this entry and how you used examples of what is considered natural and unnatural. I have had this conversation with people numerous times in the past about what do they see wrong with homosexuality. Most of the time I get an answer related to the bible and when that happens I’ll usual make reference to what sins they have probably done. Personally I don’t see nothing with homosexuality. I feel that society is too quick to judge people on their personal lives and not their work ethic or strengths. There has been men who have had relationships with men and the same with women since the beginning of time so I can’t see how people say it is “unnatural”. If I had the opportunity to respond to your professor who said “if something was natural, we wouldn’t have laws against it”, I would bring up all the laws that have came and went pertaining to women, African Americans and Asian Americans throughout American history. Additionally there are different laws throughout the world and America might have the most so his statement isn’t very strong, nonetheless being a professor making that remark.

  2. Jamie Mandel says:

    What a fantastic post with great examples. Thanks so much Cindy Lu.

    It is rather amazing what society labels as natural and unnatural. I’m not sure if you have heard of the Kinsey Scale, but it was a scale that measured one’s sexuality on a spectrum ranging from 0, meaning exclusively heterosexual, and 6, meaning exclusively homosexual. As you could imagine, most men and women did not score on one end or the other. They in fact scored somewhere in between being homosexual and heterosexual. These findings contribute to the absurdity of the concept behind the naturalness of heterosexuality and the unnaturalness of homosexuality. How can either be deemed natural when neither are truly exclusive.

    And in response to your Hispanic American male friend who believes that the physical act of penis to vagina is natural as apposed to penis to penis, or vagina to vagina, I must respectively disagree. Sex itself is natural is it not? The labels and norms surrounding sex is what i would argue is unnatural. Why does gay sex need to be labelled gay sex, or vise versa.

    “I think therefore I am,” is the famous saying by Decartes. He is basically saying my existence is proof that i exist. Putting that in the context of this blog post, homosexuality exists, therefore it is natural.

    Thanks again for the great post.
    Be well,