My boyfriend is in the army and has been thinking about
joining the FDNY when his time in the army is finished. He has been trying to
get in touch with someone from the FDNY to see if there is any way he can take
the entrance exam without being in New York since he is currently stationed
away from here and will not have the chance to come home for it. We spoke about
it the other day and he informed me that the exam was going to be delayed.

I found many articles about this delay and the reasoning
behind it. The Vulcan Society, a group of black firefighters, brought a discrimination
suit against the FDNY. In order to fix the issue, experts were asked to come up
with questions for a new test that was not discriminatory. While reading about
this problem, I also found another article which stated that in the beginning
of October, a judge ordered that a court appointed monitor would oversee
recruitment efforts to ensure that more minorities would be hired.

I’m not sure exactly what the entrance test consists of, or
the reasons why it is said to be discriminatory but I think that entry to this,
like any other job, should not depend on the applicants’ race. I feel that as
long the person can do the job without putting themselves or their coworkers in
danger they should be given an equal chance.

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