The ABC’s new primetime television show, “Pan Am,” is already making headlines. The show follows four stewardesses and their journey around the world flying with Pan America Airlines during the 1960’s. These sexy stewardesses are nothing like they are today. Along with serving beverages and dinners, part of the job was flirting with the male passengers. This is why the job was strictly available to beautiful women. These women wore very tight fitted blue suits with a button down shirt, stockings and a matching hat.

As you can see in the youtube video below, the women were weighed and had an outfit inspection before each flight. As they would walk through the airport, all heads turned their way in admiration.   In episode two, there was an incident on the airplane that caught my attention. One of the stewardesses was sexually harassed by one of the men flying in first class. After she hit him with a fork out of defense, she was in a panic wondering if she would get fired. My mind could not wrap around the idea that it was okay for a Pan Am stewardess to get assaulted by men and have a fear to fight back. When the co pilot assessed the situation, he apologized to the man, offered him a complimentary drink.

This TV show has made me realize how much progress our society has made regarding feminism. Today, stewardess jobs are available for both men and women and uniforms are more professional looking in darker colors. It is no longer a job that entails flirting or looking attractive. Even though the television show is quite entertaining, it does upset me to see professional working women being forced to sexualize themselves for their job.


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