What is a feminist? Who is a feminist? Are they mythological creature much like unicorns? Do they exist or is it some movement of the 70s that has died down? Is feminism dead? Absolutely not! Feminist/ Feminism is defined as “advocacy for women’s rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men” by the Oxford dictionary. In the “Urban Dictionary” feminists are defined as “someone who believes the radical notion that women are people”. What’s so radical about equality? Beliefs that feminists or feminism is dead, obsolete, at a stand still, radical, man hating or unrealistic seems to be a trend in todays society. My personal observation tells me that women are lacking their feminist pride. What’s so wrong with the f-word? I am a feminist and I believe in a world where equality is not a radical notion but the just notion. Is that so hard to say? An article recently published by USAtoday speaks of young Americans and their lack of feminism. The article states “The feminist has been portrayed as a woman who was “unhappy, angry, humorless and didn’t shave any part of her body,” (Jayson 1). This idea of feminism is pure myth. I can assure you feminist are not unhappy, angry, humorless and hairy, sure some are but that has nothing to due with pure feminism. How can I be so sure? What proof do I have? Myself! The article further goes on to suggest that women of our generation think that feminism is a movement of a past generation and the battle for equality has been won that women can now do pretty much whatever men can. This idea unlike feminism is the true myth.  Women get paid 78 cents to the dollar compared to men and 70% of illiteracy victims are women. Women are twice as likely to live in poverty then men. These facts clearly disprove that gender equality is battle that our past generation has won. The article brings forward the opinion that being a feminist is taboo. “I think people think it’s a bit unattractive for a girl to be talking about things like that all the time,” says Szal, of New Hope, Pa. “You get a little stigmatized, like ‘pushy’ or ‘problematic’ or ‘troublesome’ or ‘a lot to handle.” (Jayson 1). Szal is a member of a college sorority, a place of female gathering. How is it possible we live in a society in which women believe that gender equality is “pushy” or “problematic”? It’s society itself that stigmatizing the feminist community, the feminist movement and gender equality. Every where we look women are hyper sexualized, desexualized, exploited and constricted. Advertisements use women to sell.  We are constantly being socially raped by gender inequalities and now believe in social justice is taboo.

I purpose you take a good look around and when you do I hope you woman and I hope you think “she’s my equal”. I hope that if you are man or woman or gender unidentified you still believe that it is truely criminal to be judged purely on your sex organ. I hope you embrace feminism and you attach feminist to any part of your identity. I hope you join the fight against gender inequality.

As a fun way to promote feminism please enjoy these videos:


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