A few days ago, I came across a New York Times article about same sex marriage. What caught my attention was the title, “Race, Religion and Same-Sex Marriage”. Before I was nearly half way finished reading this article, what came to mind was the relationship between religion and homosexuality in the African-American community. By the time I was done with the article, that’s what the last half of it was about. Growing up in New York and around relatives who were somewhat religious, it was interesting to see people’s ideologies on homosexuality and how society has made it a taboo. Personally I feel that people who are religious and are homophobic can be hypocrites. Meaning, people who abuse their bodies, steal, cheat in their marriages, have sex freely tend to be the same people who point fingers saying homosexuality is wrong when in the bible it states adultery, theft, and lying are sins.
Another issue may be that since African-Americans have progressed so much since the abolishment of slavery, some may feel that homosexuality in their community may hold them back from more progression. The phrase where it states “gay is the new black” is disrespectful but I see the meaning behind it. What I understand behind the statement is that during a long period of time blacks or African-Americans were viewed as less of human beings and were treated as such. It took many years for African-Americans to gain rights and are still pushing for rights today. This same issue is happening with gays. People shouldn’t be judged on their sexual orientation because this doesn’t show a person’s character or integrity and this applies to people’s perception of various races also.



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