After reading an article about a police officer being charged for a false stop and frisk arrest, it made me wonder and question our justice system. This article speaks about a 32 year old New York city police officer, Michael Daragjati who have been a veteran for eight years that are facing charges for a false accusation and use of racial slur against a 31 year old black man. On April 15, Officer Daragjati stopped the black man on Targee Street and searched him. After the search, he found no contraband and the black man complained about the officer and requested for his badge number, Daragjati arrested him and falsely accused him for resisting arrest. He reported that the black man has struggled during the arrest and detained him for 36 hours. After the arrest,  Officer Daragjati made a call to his female friend and bragged about how he arrested the black man, he stated that ” I sat there for a couple of hours by the time I got it all done but, fried another nigger.” Officer Daragjati was then charged for violating the civil rights of the black man.

            Is our justice system corrupted? biased? After reading this article, I am very concerned about our justice system. If our justice system is biased then what will this world become? Should we be arrested based on our race or the color of our skin? Should we be judged by the way we look? What is fair? How can we treat everyone fairly and equally? It is hard to say because I believe everyone view things differently and this is where bias occurs. “The power to arrest — to deprive a citizen of liberty — must be used fairly, responsibly and without bias,” Loretta E. Lynch, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York, said in a statement. Is our justice system fair or bias?


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